What is the Beauty Mouse ?

The thighs have a relatively large surface area and it soon became clear that the standard Dermaroller with the width of 20mm was too small to use efficiently on these areas. With this in mind we have developed the Beauty Mouse with 3 integrated Dermarollers totalling 480 microneedles. The rollers are arranged in such a way that the instrument covers 50mm in a single pass. The width reduces the processing time by almost two thirds compared to the Home Dermaroller.

The Beauty Mouse effects




Cellulite Treatment

Cellulite is often called “orange peel” mainly because of its appearance, which forms unsightly irregularities under the skin. It can be hereditary or hormonal, but in most cases it is due to a blood and lymph circulation problems and / or unhealthy lifestyle. The Beauty Mouse is the answer to this problem that affects many women.

Nevertheless, the Beauty Mouse alone can not make cellulite completely disappear. It is also recommended to have a monitored diet and regular exercise.